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March 8, 2002


About this Site

Amy's Robot is a blog that is mainly about entertainment, media, politics, and culture, all with something of a New York slant.

Amy and ADM co-founded this site in March 2002. Two years later, Emily joined us, and ADM shifted his focus to behind-the-scenes matters. In August 2007, Cushie came on board.

Amy's Robot is one of several affiliated sites, including ScaryNY, The Ledger, Bad Love, Thousand Robots, and our link sharing site, Robot Linky. Links were formerly posted on Linkit, and links prior to 11/07 are there. We have been featured in the online ventures of USA Today, E!, the Wall Street Journal, Ziff-Davis television, and numerous other publications and media outlets.


  • Robot Linky. Robot Linky is a link sharing ("social bookmarking") website we created that lets you share your favorite links with us and with other readers and users of Linky and Amy's Robot. You can use Robot Linky to store your own favorite links, generate RSS feeds from them, and see what your friends are linking to. We take our favorite user-submitted links and post them on the main page of Amy's Robot. When we do so, we will credit you.
  • Feedback. If you have an opinion about a specific post, please post it in the comments for that post. If you have an opinion or comment about the site in general, please email us.
  • RSS/XML. We have feeds in RSS 1.0, 2.0, and Atom. We have an RSS 2.0 feed for the Linkit, too. Not sure what RSS is all about? Find out.
  • Friendster. We set up a profile for this blog at Friendster. Add us as a friend, then meet other readers. Our first name is amy's and our last name is robot.
  • Design. The site runs on PHP5, MySQL, and Movable Type 3.2. We changed from Blogger to Movable Type in December 2003.

Comments Policy

We accept comments on posts on this blog and on Robot Linky. We encourage you to comment, but keep in mind we may delete or edit your comment for any reason. We usually do so because the comment is off-topic, or offensive. Please don't comment without understanding this.

To control spam, we use TypeKey to manage users. TypeKey is a centralized user management service from Six Apart/Movable Type. Once you sign up on TypeKey (which just takes a second), you can comment on any TypeKey-enabled site. We wish we could have comments that didn't involve signing in, but we were getting spammed too heavily and felt TypeKey was the best solution.


We do not store any identifying information. We sometimes temporarily store IP addresses and referring pages, and use some scripts and sitemeter to sort this information. We are using Google Analytics on a trial basis. Google Analytics places a temporary cookie on your computer. We don't know yet what Google is doing with this cookie, so we recommend you delete your cookies every now and then.

Other People

Here are some sites we like.

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